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Sprinkler Repair

Your sprinklers play a crucial role in maintaining your beautiful lush green grass on your lawn. You want to be sure your sprinklers are in their best condition, evenly distributing water to your yard.
We offer sprinkler repairs so you can rest easy knowing your lawn will be taken care of when it needs to be watered. Our staff has the experience and tools that are necessary to repair and provide maintenance on a wide variety of sprinkler systems.

Sprinkler Installation

Bayko Irrigation can handle all of your sprinkler installations for your home. We want your property to be green and flourishing, which is why our sprinkler installation service is great to grow grass fast! Our system covers all of your property to ensure even watering from plant to plant.
With our sprinkler installation, you can maintain your landscape with top-of-the-line sprinkler technology. Our system has a timed watering schedule so your landscape can stay lush and green throughout the year.

We offer top of the line irrigation system installation for your home or business!

Mist Heads
Rotor Heads
Micro Irrigation
We use Rain-bird and Hunter Irrigation Products

Lawn Irrigation

Lawn irrigation can maintain your beautiful landscape year round. At Bayko Irrigation, we offer professional lawn irrigation service for your property. Irrigation can encourage new plant growth and maintain your existing landscape so that it can flourish and grow.
With our quick and easy lawn irrigation, we dig up the dirt underneath your property where it needs to be watered the most. Our lawn irrigation is able to replenish dry spots and help moisten soil. Save time and money on constant watering when you can have lawn irrigation instead!

Lawn Irrigation Repair

Lawn Irrigation repair should be done immediately so that your property can stay green and healthy. Without irrigation, plants and other green life in your garden can start to fade, which can leave unwanted dry spots.
Bayko Irrigation encourages irrigation repairs so that we can get the job done quickly. Our team of professionals will arrive at your property for a quick and efficient repair job. Get a quality irrigation repair from the team at Bayko Irrigation.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are the lifeline your crops and plant life need to survive in the hot summer months. These intricate systems evenly distribute rainfall-like water to your plant life.
Our staff specializes in installation for an assortment of systems that are out in the market. We are able to install them in little to no time, ensuring your crops get the water that is necessary for healthy growth.

Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation is essential for your plant life in the hot summer months. These systems evenly distribute water to your lawn and plants without the hassle of doing it yourself.
Our staff specializes in installation for an assortment of sprinkler irrigation systems that are out in the market. We are able to install them in little to no time, ensuring your lawn gets the water that is necessary for healthy growth.

Lawn Sprinkler

Incorporating a sprinkler system for your lawn is a feature that will help maintain the plant life in your yard. Not only will the vegetation be watered regularly but the beauty that you have worked so hard to build around your home will be maintained through the summer months.
We are able to layout and install sprinkler systems that will help your landscape thrive. This takes a unique perspective and attention to detail only our staff can provide.

Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation systems play a large role in the overall health and longevity of your lawn. So, it should come as no surprise that the maintenance of your irrigation system is important. Fortunately, with our team’s assistance, your irrigation system can be kept in tip-top shape, extending its lifespan and helping your lawn stay green.
You want to make sure that irrigation system is working effectively. Irrigation maintenance can ensure that you reduce waste water and improve plant health while applying the correct amount of water to your landscaping. With all of these great benefits.

Irrigation Pumps

Even with a flawless irrigation system and maintenance, one cannot expect to have perfect landscaping if their irrigation pumps are not held to the same standard. Without them, the water would not be able to get to the sprinkler head, leaving the system useless. If you want irrigation pumps that you can rely on, give us a call!
Not sure what type of pump you need? You can count on our helpful staff to have the answer. With our years of experience and education in the industry, we know exactly what it takes to keep your landscaping flawless!

Landscape Lighting

Here at Bayko we pride ourselves on every drop matters. While we strive to conserve water and keep your plant material healthy, we would like an opportunity to illuminate it throughout the nite. We work with the major brands of the industry to only bring you the highest quality of landscape lighting. Our team will come out and give a free estimate on a full lighting installation and design. We can also maintain, repair, and renovate systems.

Annual Service Agreement

Keep your system running smoothly!

Four times a year our technician checks your system and makes necessary repairs. This cost saving Annual Agreement keeps your Irrigation System in TIP TIP condition. We service each zone, check and change out the heads for wear and tear from lawn service damage, we check the coverage, we check for dry/brown spots, we will reset the clock when needed and make additional adjustments as needed. We leave a notice when we have stopped by your home if you are not in attendance.

Ask your tech today about our Annual Agreement or call the office 941-404-5420, we are happy to assist you

Serving our Veterans

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We offer a 5% discount to members of the military all Year!
Thank you for your service!

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